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The business benefits of design

The business benefits of design
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01 Oct 2014

Using design improves business performance and brand awareness

Recent research found that over a third of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses see design as integral or significant to business growth.  Businesses that undervalue the importance of design may be missing vital opportunities, giving their competitors the edge.

Design can bring a range of commercial benefits if used systemically across your business including:

  • Increased sales of your products and/or services
  • Improved market position
  • Brand enhancement and awareness
  • Product and Service penetration in the market place
  • A stronger identity for your business
  • The ability to create new products and services and open up new markets
  • Reduced time to market new products and services

At Solent Design Studio we work with you to design marketing material that engages with your clients and customers and print that has a positive impact on your brand.

Did you know?
The UK print sector has 10,000 companies with 130,000 employees, and a £6.6 billion gross value added.